We all have a need to be understood. But few among us struggle to stitch a sentence together. Conversational breakdowns are common among people who are but not limited to hard of hearing, battling autism, or suffering from speech delays.



Fabulaa is a free and easy to use mobile app designed for those facing communication struggles. Fabulaa is designed to benefit all ages, from children to adults. Persons of Determination (POD) who face communication disorders are usually those struggling with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), experiencing speech delays or facing a decline in their communication abilities because of old age. Fabulaa is here to give them a helping hand with the use of accessible and assistive technology.

The beauty of Fabulaa lies in its simple design, functionality and can be used on the go. Inspired by Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), the app relies on audio and visual cues to make conversations easier. Family, teachers and caregivers are encouraged to try the app to see how it can help you and your loved ones.

Note: Fabulaa is not an alternative to Speech Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) or any other clinical or behavioral treatment.