We all have a need to be understood. But few among us struggle to stitch a sentence together. Conversational breakdowns are common among people who are but not limited to hard of hearing, battling autism, or suffering from speech delays.

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The Fabulaa Experience

Fabulaa promises its users an experience that is simple and fun. A FREE to use mobile app, Fabulaa is designed for those facing communication struggles.


It is customizable and houses features that eases everyday conversations. Currently available in five languages and ready to be used at any time and on the go.

Because Words Matter

Because Words Matter

The app opens an accessible and convenient channel facilitating conversations. It is a conduit that helps individuals suffering from communication challenges to open up and talk.


The aim is to help our friends by simplifying daily conversations with a tech-enabled solution. A solution that is free, easy to use, and a simple click away. Fabulaa is here to lend a voice to those in dire need of being understood.


For The Ones Wanting To Be Heard

Fabulaa is designed to benefit all ages, from children to adults. People with communication disorders (speech or auditory) have a tough time expressing their desires, sharing their thoughts, or merely making daily conversations. Fabulaa is here to give them a helping hand with the use of accessible technology.

We hope Fabulaa is successful in bringing people together and strengthening relationships. We are sure it will empower our friends and their families, caregivers, and dear ones. So if you know of anyone in need of communication assistance, then please download the app. It is free, unlike numerous other overpriced apps. Please do spread the message across to people who may require a tool like Fabulaa.

For The Ones Wanting To Be Heard - Fabulaa
Fabulaa - Putting Words Into Your Hands

Putting Words Into Your Hands

Fabulaa is a free and easy to use app. The design is simple, and the functionality is clear. A direct approach blended with colorful visuals and engaging features helps our friends use Fabulaa and fill the communication gap by putting words into their hands. Download the app today to know how Fabulaa can work for you and the ones who need it the most.





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Fabulaa - Simplifying Everyday Conversations

Welcome to Fabulaa
Fabulaa - Converts speech into text
Fabulaa - Phrases A ready to use and easily editable preloaded library
Fabulaa - Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) cards
Fabulaa - Scribble - draw objects or write sentences
Anila Gonsalves - Founder
Anila Gonsalves - Founder

Her Story


Why Me? How Do I Fix This? Will It Work?


These were some of the questions that Anila faced when she was told that her then 2 year old son was possibly on the autistic spectrum.


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Have any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fabulaa a free app?

Fabulaa is a free to download app. Our aim is to make technology affordable and accessible to those in need of it.

From where can I download Fabulaa?

Fabulaa currently can be easily downloaded for free from the App Store or the Google Play Store and can be used on mobile devices like phones and tablets.

How old do I have to be to use Fabulaa?

Fabulaa is designed to be used for all ages, be it very young or old.

Why should I get Fabulaa?

Fabulaa is a free to use app that aims to bridge conversational breakdowns. If you know someone who is facing any sort of communication disabilities brought about by old age, autism or any other reason, we suggest you use Fabulaa and see how its features could be beneficial to you and your loved ones.

Is Fabulaa a replacement for professional help?

We at Fabulaa are not clinical and behavioural experts. The app is just a tool to assist users with communication disorders (speech or auditory). Fabulaa is not a replacement for professional help.

Will I need to provide any personal details when using Fabulaa?

Fabulaa is simple to use and you can get started without having the need to register or provide any personal details.

How can I send you feedback?

Your constructive feedback is what will help make Fabulaa better. You can send us your comments, questions and suggestions at [email protected] or by filling the Contact Us form on the website.

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