We all have a need to be understood. But few among us struggle to stitch a sentence together. Conversational breakdowns are common among people who are but not limited to hard of hearing, battling autism, or suffering from speech delays.

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Anila Gonsalves - Founder

Her Story

Her Story

Why Me? How Do I Fix This? Will It Work?

These were some of the questions that Anila faced when she was told that her then 2 year old son was possibly on the autistic spectrum.

Living in denial probably would have been easier. But Anila knew that if she has to make things better, acceptance would have to be key.

Her son had a lot of difficulty in communication as he lacked natural speech which resulted in more social isolation, loneliness, increased frustration and vulnerability. His inability to show what he knows or that he is capable of learning also led to behavioral issues.

Through multiple therapy sessions, coffee mornings and meetings with specialists, Anila realized that her son like many others was more receptive to learning and communicating with visual cues. And this formed the stepping stone for Fabulaa.

With Fabulaa she has created an augmentative and assistive tool that is accessible to all. Hosting multiple features it provides users, caregivers and parents a simple adaptive way to reach out to their loved ones who struggle to communicate. Its like putting words in your hands.

Anila encourages you to download Fabulaa, to know how it can work for you and the ones who need it the most.